Sunday, 15 June 2008

Wounded Tiger....

Watching the finale of the US Open late on Sunday night, thinking what an actual sad bastard I really am. This major championship may be the less sufficient but fuck me it is some contest.

Englishman Lee Westwood is leading a field, but in sharp pursuit is that man we all love; Tiger Woods.

Westwood is not playing any sort of Tiger; he is playing a much-wounded one. Having his knee operation not so long ago, it shows he is suffering. Golf is a game based on endurance, self-confidence and self-belief and any normal human being would need all three.

Tiger probably could play without an arm and still scamble to par.

Having a troublesome knee as his handicap is not working to break his monopoly of golf. Why would we want that to happen?

Tiger Woods is what butter is to bread, milk to tea, he makes it so much better. S I am writing this he has just taken the lead. A sterner handicap is required.

I do not have doubt in my mind that if Woods was 100 percentage he would have been leading by at least ten.

What a testament it is to himself.

It make all these footballers who instantly hit the deck at the slightest bit of contact pathetic. Woods is there, he does not want to be injured. He is drawing no excuses from it. He may be the most modest sportsman around.

For me, I am glued to the screen and will not be leaving any time soon.

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