Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Why did it have to end like this?

Legends tumble, heroes fall.

The nicest get creamed, will they remember him?

Fallen by grace, in an era where one, generally, claims victory.

Deprived of luck, none short of talent.

Scottish pride, but what has he won.

He helped us beat those yanks, more times, than they care to remember.

He also had one huge victory in his grasp, and then buckled at the last hurdle.

It is easy to see who this is: Colin Montgomerie.

He has just slipped out of the world 100, for the first time since 1990.

The Ryder Cup will surely not be forgotten.

Soon to be 45, I do not feel there is enough time for him to recapture his youth and be a force in world’s golf again.

Finishing 58th at the Wales Open may be telling him something. He rose to number three in the 1990s. I really doubt he will make the Ryder Cup this year; he will not be able to rely on Nick Faldo to give him a wild card.

However, it is pleasing to see the recurrence of Darren Clarke, who initially rose to 104th in the world. After an emotional return in 2006, Ryder Cup hero Clarke fought back the tears and difficult memories of the pasting of his wife and will make a full-scale comeback into the world of golf.

He may even be the surprise pick in this year’s Ryder Cup as his good form continues. He will need to put in some good performances.

As for Monty, he may have to win a major. He has never won one, he is a people’s favourite but he has never delivered.

I would love him to get into form and participate in his ninth consecutive Ryder Cup. He is still unbeaten and he is a man the Yanks hate to see in competition.

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