Monday, 30 June 2008

Prediction Round up.

The European Championships of 2008 was a mammoth success with countless games providing entertainment of the uppermost quality.

My prediction of Spain as victors and Germany the sore loser in the final in Vienna was spot on. The 1 -0 win for Spain says was a morale victory for football and it gave the Germans another defeat in the final of the major tournament. Seven in fact (but they have won six, no need to sound bitter).

France, let themselves and their nation down again. I was correct with that.

I put Fernando Torres as top goal scorer but his compatriot David Villa ousted him, perhaps if Torres was a bit more selfish he would have capped of tournament with the golden boot.

Cesc Fabregas, I acclaimed, would be the man of the championships. He never fully lived up too that but he was outstanding against Italy and Russia, arguably the most difficult two opponents. He was not as influential as everyone was hoping in the final but he certainly made his impact.

Can we claim Cristiano Ronaldo was a let down? He has performed so well through out the season and he rarely reached those heights at all in these championships. He did score and set up a few but perhaps we were all hoping that he would have put evidence to his proclaimed Player of the year status.

Slavin Bilic is maybe the coolest and most retro manager out their but you have to give the Manager of the tournament to Gus Hiddink. He managed to revolutionise Russian football and the semi final appearance was no surprise, he as definitely made a gigantic name for himself and has rekindled his reputation of the top coach he is.

Howard Webb did have a debatable penalty decision to make between Austria and Poland, whilst Spain against Greece went ok. Graeme Poll’s ghosts have been firmly put to rest.

With the hosts, I would have been correct if the annoying Portuguese did not fill a team full of reserves against Switzerland and then they may have not got beaten 2-0.

In overall a memorable championship and England, with a doubt, need to learn and get better. Fast.

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