Sunday, 8 June 2008


They came they saw they conquered.

One word for the Foo Fighters performance, SEX.


They were so good, beats any live performance at Wembley if not the whole country.

To make it unique and never-to -be-repeated they brought on the legends Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

For you with fickle minds that is the guitarist and bassist from Led Zeppelin.

They kept teasing and enticing the crowd for the majority of the evening, claiming that they will do something that will be talked about in twenty years.

The gig itself was phenomenal and they made there way through all the classics.

Breakout, All my life, Best of you, etc.

The song, which got my hairs standing on end, was Monkey Wrench.

As in Britain, as you know, it never stops raining and at that particular moment, it decided to rain. It gave that song a completely different complexion.

The fans favourite.

It gave the gig ultimate energy and spectacular effects.

A certain buzz, like no other. It must have gone on for ten minutes; no one wanted it to end. WOW!

In my view, Foo Fighters have set the benchmark or even peak to which every band should be gunning for when performing at Wembley.

In front 86,000 people, they played energetically and legendary.

They have written their name into folk law and written a moment in history.

All hail foo fighters……..

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