Friday, 6 June 2008


I have another confession to make. I am no fool.

I am heading to Wembley again…………….

Get in.

Not for a big game but to see the new stated heroes of our generation, Foo Fighters.

I will be there, in full voice (hope no one can actually hear me), but no doubt it will be a drunken, sweaty kind of gig.

I am hoping for the best show I have seen, Muse will take some beating after watching them at Wembley last year.

Foo Fighters sound is like no other, they make rock fun and everyone, well almost, loves them.

I have been excited about this since January when I brought my ticket. I have never seen them before and I really hope I am not disappointed. No doubt I will be.

Radio 1 has been banging on about it all today, their not normally wrong, par Zane Lowe.

So here I am, Taking a much needed day off work and preparing to travel to London, through the alcoholless tubes (thank you Boris) and into the place where heroes where born.

So Foo Fighters its time to become heroes…………………….

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