Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Answer Now!

The Clash are a remarkable band and I feel one of their songs has been immovable in one extraordinary footballer’s mind at the moment.

Should I stay or should I go?

Cristiano Ronaldo will you please make up your mind.

I really want to know.

Let us be fair, without a doubt, he should be crowned World Player of the Year and he should receive every award which is heading his way.

However, would we be glad to see the back of him?

Some astonishing players have played and waved goodbye to the Premiership. More, to be honest, has put a huge smile on my face than Ronaldo.

Gianfranco Zola always played with such ecstasy and deception, which pleased not only the unruly Chelsea following but also all football fans. A goal against Norwich comes to mind when he did a back-heel flick from a corner to score. Amazing.

Dennis Bergkamp is another. He opened the floodgates to let all these foreigners and wealth of talent to enter our league. Perhaps Bergkamp is the classiest to grace our football, with precision moment and passing and he is known to score some crackers, the hat trick against Leicester City anyone?

Thierry Henry became Arsenals all time top goal scorer and was almost impossible to play against. Ridiculous long ranged goals against Manchester United and Manchester City were just pure class. A solitary hat trick against Liverpool where he, literally, ran passed every player and left a hapless Jamie Carragher on his backside.

Ruud Gullet became Chelsea’s player coach after coming to the English game to retire and make a windfall. He was voted World player of the year and he came to exploit his talents.

Eric Cantona retired somewhat gracefully.

Gianluca Vialli came with a big reputation and was a success (ish).

Christophe Dugarry even came and played for Birmingham.

Bolton managed to attract Jay-Jay Okacha and Youri Djorkaeff.

Patrick Vieria, Emmanuel Petit and Marc Overmars all jumped ship.

All this top talent has been and gone.

They definitely left their mark in the Premiership and probably will never be forgotten but if Ronaldo goes, it will not the end.

Fernando Torres, Emmanuel Adebayor, Nani, Cesc Fabergas, etc will still provide a wealth of talent. Do not forget our English talent; Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard are regarded as two of the worlds best as is John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.

Theo Walcott, David Bentley, Ashley Young, Aaron Ramsey are all coming through to become champions and are ready to dazzle us.

This league will still be the best in the world.

What about Man City’s outrageous bid for Ronaldinho?

Imagine if that comes of. Deco to join Chelsea?

Rafael Van Der Vaart and Danny Villa looks like they want to head this way.

Djibril Ciise has been rumoured to come to Wigan?

Joao Mouninho may be heading to Everton, believe me this league will be nothing short of the highest talent, well apart from Hull and Stoke City.

So Ronaldo, if you stay, great. Carry on impressing us with your numerous number of dummies and world class touches. Spectacular goals will come in there plenty and global exposure.

Nevertheless, please do not hold our league at ransom.

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