Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Stanford hits Cricket for 6 (or 20 million Dollars)

Cricket has just been made exciting; a one off game and a winner takes all between England and a West Indies XI.

This will revolutionise the way the adoring public will think about England’s national summer sport.

Adding to this, the football style – Champions League that will come into force will make Cricket more global. A use of a Black bat as well will cause a few eyebrows.

Sir Allen Stanford put down 20 million Dollars for the winner of this game; this will be an annual event over the next five years.

It is an exciting incentive for any cricketer out there.

How will the selectors pick?

Should Michael Vaughan be considered? Matthew Hoggard, Steve Harmison, Andrew Strauss, Marcus Trescothick, etc.

Who will have the final say in the matter?

Anyone will benefit hugely from this. This single game will change the way people will watch and anticipate cricket.

Imagine Monty Panaser waiting nervously as he needs to score one run to win his side 20 million dollars. If he fails, they lose it all. Queen and David Bowie did not put it lightly – under pressure.

Stanford has been generous towards cricket and he simply wants to put the game on the map. He wants more love; more passion from more people injected into the sport, and then the sponsors will come.

He may start the ball rolling and sponsors may come with their thousands to publicised cricket amongst the world.

I say, I would not like to end up on the losing team.

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