Friday, 27 June 2008

He is 'FAB'

Cesc Fabregas has finally received some much-deserved credit from his native Spain.

For too long now he has been immensely underrated and undervalued, not only by his coach Luis Aragones, but also by his own fans.

Scoring the winning penalty pass Italy showed much maturity and showed he could burden the responsibility of a great nation. It possibly put those fears of being unwanted and neglected from his country firmly behind him.

When he entered the fray, he, instantly, sparked an ordinary performance into one, which showed urgency and a show of willingness. He played as a part of a three man midfield and he was able to break forward and was given a licence to pick that pass.

As we, all know Spain did not find that goal but it was not through a lack of trying. Marcos Senna looked a class player with much ability; he made that ‘Makelele’ role look rather stylish and adventurous and performed sensationally next to Fabregas.

Arsenal have appreciated the young ‘Fab’ for a while and he has emerged as the new fans favourite from the departure of Thierry Henry. Who can blame them?

He has certainly progressed astonishingly under the stern guidance of Arsene Wenger and he had made him into a first-rate thespian.

Wenger has turned a young sixteen year old from Barcelona into a player in his early twenties who performs light-years above his age.

His maturity of conducting himself on and off the pitch is remarkable. No WAG issues, a player who keeps himself to himself and never been spotted anywhere he should not be. A true role model.

Fabregas plays many roles on the football field as well, when licensed too. He is a conductor and plays the right notes within the Arsenal ranks. His simple, but effective passing is in correlation with his swift eye to pick the pass. He can transfer defence into attack as he has that awareness to pick the early pass, or delay to allow his teammates to get involved.

He brings everyone in to play and does not shy away from the tackle. His midfield partnership with Mathieu Flamini was probably the most effective last season and it is, to the gunners, pity that Flamini could not be tied to a contract sooner. However, he will have his work cut out player next to the brilliant Kaka next season.

Fabregas scores great and crucial goals, the equaliser against Liverpool was vital as Liverpool were dominating. The cracker against local rivals Tottenham Hotspur would have went down well with the locals.

Without a doubt, he should be installed as the captain of Arsenal. The hapless William Gallas should step a side, or beaten with a very big pillow. Fabregas is gracious in defeat and inspired with a win, he will not let you down. He is someone to rely in a time of urgency, like Henry. He is a match winner, and his name should be up there with Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard (Cesc is better though), Kaka, Andre Pirlo, Cristaino Ronaldo, Xavi, Michael Ballack, etc.

He can turn any match and he needs to stamp his authority in the international scene, where his place should already be cemented.

Fabregas, a future World Player of the year. Arsenal golden boy and the person they pin all their hopes.

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Shaun Murphy said...

Agree with this to an extent, but for me it was Senna and Iniesta who shone just as much as Fabregas last night. It's only cos he plays for an English team that the spotlight was on him so much.

Funny how injuries can somehow lead to a winning formula though.