Friday, 2 May 2008

A final to remember..... let's see

So it is supposed to be the game of the season? An epic encounter, two giants of the Premiership fighting it out for the right to be the Champion of Europe. Am I the only one convinced it will be boring?

Chelsea against Manchester United. Wow. Thrilling. Edge of seat tension, I very much doubt it.

I may be tempted to judge a contest of watching two walls of paint drying or listening to my niece trying to play her guitar.

Let’s remember the games this season, Arvram Grant’s first game – a 2-0 lost. Amazing,

The second – a 2-1 win for Chelsea against a weakened United team. I’m about to explode in excitement.

The first game at the new Wembley last season – a thrilling 1-0 blockbuster. Well that’s is what we are going to expect.

Maybe Chelsea do deserve to be there. But imagine Liverpool or Arsenal playing Man U.

Liverpool played out games out 4-2 and 3-2 against Arsenal and Chelsea respectively. They were real games with real action. A fantastic game for everyone to observe.

Arsenal – Man U games are always played with the upmost of passion.

I’m just scared that this seasons final in Moscow will be the equivalent to a dry hump. So much anticipation but with no decent result, you may get flashes of class but there will not be anything worth the effort for.

With so much class on show I can’t believe there won’t be a good show. Six British teams in the semi finals in the pass two years, we should be showing the world what are league are made of. But instead we are going to show them what the rest of Europe already think of our football.

Defend minded and long balls.

I hope I am horribly wrong and I will eat my hat if anything comes of an actual decent game but evitable it will be 1 – 0 to the team who defended the best.

That is our incentive for world domination. This may 3be the game that completely gets shot of Richard Scudamore’s idiotic 39 games idea.

With no England in the European Championships, let’s roll on next season. But first we have to watch the first all foreign FA Cup final with the Sheep-shagging Cardiff playing against ‘the let’s grab anything which swim over the shores’ Portsmouth.

Now that is what all English fans are looking forward too. Yeah I suppose.

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