Monday, 12 May 2008

It ends..

So it has happens. Championship football waits.
Reading fought off Derby in an impressive 4-0 win, even our bloody strikers scored. Dave Kitson, Kevin Doyle, and Leroy Lita all getting on the score sheet. It was a matter of too little too late.
The great escape faded as Danny Murphy’s headed clinched the win they needed. We have failed in our quest. It has been good whilst it has lasted.
But it is going back to the old girlfriend now and the normal trips to Wolves, Ipswich, Burnley, etc. The Premiership was just out of our league but we are back in our safety zone.
It is comfortable; we will probably see some more friendly faces back now. What I want to know is how many of these fans will be there next season?
So let us see if we can fill the Madejski next season for every game: it will probably fall to the 16,500 who were there before.
But this season I have learnt a lot of being a spectator. The older fans who have cherished this for so long have got their wishes and I am so pleased for them.
Now they can rest in peace.
They have seen there team through thick and thin and Aldershot but it is time to join together. The younger generation will go back to support Chelsea and Manchester United whilst I will be here getting ticket for Swansea.
I am so excited about the prospect. More sheep abuse.
But for now let us merge together the celebrate two fine years and only a few embarrassing moments.
Reading til I die.

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