Monday, 26 May 2008

Terry is finally ready...

John Terry… next (still) England captain.

How he came and apologised to his fans for missing that penalty, denying him the chance to become the first Chelsea captain to win the European cup, was nothing short of revolutionary.

A man to take sole responsibility (it was his fault for missing the crucial spot kick) is a brave one. This is something that most players will never do they find excuses.

Terry also claimed that this ‘moment will haunt him forever’, perfect choice for captain.

He will so determined and strong-minded to not to fill that way again. We have a great mentality for the position, he gave us something that he has no shown us before, heart.

I have always favoured Steven Gerrard for the role, as he has the ability to lift the crowd and his teammates with on field inspiration.

He is not the man Terry is though.

Terry is built on bravery, integrity, and loyalty.

Who out of the England team would you want to go into war with?

All the goalkeepers will drop the bombs, even if David James hair could fit into the helmet.

Rio Ferdinand will blame everyone else and call every one mate.

Wayne Rooney will jump straight into the opposition trench before the war had even started.

Gerrard will lead the troops and he will get the best out the better troops.

It will be Terry, who will be hollowing to get the troops going.

For that reason, I believe Terry would need that armband more than Gerrard. He needs it.

Terry’s tears in the Champion’s League final made him human.

He is a centre half and should do what centre halves should do, defend.

I figured out that Terry will inspire the new groups of youngsters, which will come through, but he has to make himself into a legend, in the Adams, Bruce, Platt mould.

He has to win big, be commanding, and argue less with referees, questions those who are not committed to Chelsea.

He should be demanding talk with Chelsea’s owners and demand commitment, continuity and loyalty. He should not be a part of this comedy should Roman Abramovich is putting on.

Whoever he gets as his next jester will have to demand respect straight from the off. He should get his team, a team who wants to play with each other.

For Terry to become a great captain of England he needs to demand respect of his team and of his club. It really should not be a one-way street.

He has all the credentials and ticks all the right boxes. Fabio Capello must have been moved by the way he took responsibility for his team. He has calmed down in recent years, his behaviour now must be appropriate to the teams and countries needs.

David Beckham was the fashion captain, he, possibly, changed the role forever but now Terry needs to take the biggest step of them all.

To become a legendary England Captain.

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