Monday, 19 May 2008


Yes, the FA Cup final was everything what it desired to be. A defensive 1-0. A fluke at that. However, I did share an unexpected tear on cup final day.
It was not for the bunch of chavs who descended on Wembley. It was not for Harry Redknapp achieving something that he deserves nor was it not for the love of football.
It was for a hero.
Sir Bobby Robson.
What a legend. Seeing him walk out, suffering, for the love of football.
Shaking hands with those lucky individuals, what an honour that was.
He has lost feeling in his left side after a brain tumour but what credit he gets for handing out the FA Cup to Sol Campbell.
He had the biggest smile on his face, this maybe the last ‘football’ man left. You see him for what he is. Smiling like a little kid, it looked like he was meeting his heroes.
People speak of Sir Alf Ramsey as the legend he was, but I cannot forget what Robson did for us as a country.
He took an average England team into the semi final of a world and lost, typically, on penalties.
He created a surreal feel in the England camp, later squashed by Graham Taylor, thanks mate.
He got the best out players like Gary Lineker, collaborating him with Peter Beardsley. Lineker was top goal scorer at the 1986 World Cup. A world cup, which was drastically, cut short by one moment of brilliance and another of sheer arrogance and disrespect. We all know the story Diego Maradona. At least he is fat and losing it now. Deemed punishment. Why was he so good?
Early in his England career, he dropped Kevin Keegan and was spat at by his 'so-called' beloved Newcastle fans.
He, later, took those Newcastle fans all over Europe in the champion’s league. This was supposed to be the ’hardest’ job in football he managed it.
In his first home match, an 8-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday, now that is ‘sexy’ football.
He won league titles Holland, Portugal and Spain with ease, plus loads of cups, league cups, the lot.
Shame on you Craig Bellamy, you do not deserve to be a professional in any means. How would you be able to look at him again?
Freddy Shepherd, how can you sack that man, for what he has done for you and your club? Shame. He is still held in high esteem in Newcastle and been granted Freedom of the City. He has even been given the freedom of Ipswich to celebrate 30 years since they won the FA Cup. Everyone’s cousin will be after him.
Well next to Bobby Moore around Wembley should stand a statue of Sir Bobby Robson. Saying he was ‘football through and through.’ Then perhaps he would then get the upmost of credit he deserves.


jen said...

brilliant writing, and ur right this man desrves the utmost respect

Ross G said...

TOTALLY AGREE!awesome i couldnt put it better myself!

Anonymous said...

excellent writing m8, no doubt. i would disagree with the fact he took over an average england side but other than that u have hit the nail ryt on the head.....gr8 footballing guy