Friday, 16 May 2008

Club or country?

Sitting at the Rose Bowl, watching a quite thrilling encounter of Surrey against Hampshire, but thing, which really surprises me, is the crowd.
There is such a poor turnout. Shocking I know. Suppose from 10 o’clock in the morning on a Friday is not exactly an ideal place to come especially as for the first time in ages my nips begin to get hard.
Cricket is, and will forever be, a retirement arena for those of the rich and wealthy. So the old crooners, who religiously come day in and day out to watch the countries national sport of summer, are barking mad.
That is an actual honour to them and the club. On the day where England are playing their first test against New Zealand, there are still your local fans that support an international missing cricket side.
Unlike football, when internationals are on crickets resumes. What if football actually carries on where Internationals players are missing?
Who would be the best team in the league?
Manchester United will be without particularly there whole squad, would they be able to get a lucky draw against Exeter again.
Arsenal’s foreign contingent would look rather bleak.
Chelsea would buy every other not international player.
I reckon the league may look very interesting; it would lose its appeal.
I wonder how many spectators there would be if Kevin Pieterson turned up. Would that actually make a huge difference?
Rugby Union does the same. Why is football so different? To be honest the premiership may become evenly matched this way. Fans will still be supporting their local clubs this way and we will not be distracted by the pathetic class of international football.
So when Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand ‘bigging’ up England’s chance of an actual win, we can continue watching Premiership football, maybe not at the same level, but it will be exciting for the real fans who follow their team up and down the country.
If this happens, there will not this argument of too many games in the season and it would be class to see where the player’s loyalty lies.
Club or country?
Will the honour of playing for your country mean something then? On the other hand, will money talk, as in most cases, it does.

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