Tuesday, 27 May 2008


How could anyone possibly know how I feel?

Morrissey sang his version, now I may do mine. In a more upbeat manner (well sort of).

I never done this in words before, I normally give out pathetic jokes and a poor excuse for banter.

I am not sure what to take seriously at the moment and I feel rather disappointed. Disgruntled even.

The thrill is always in the chase rather than the kill. Perhaps that is what my senses are telling but I am not so sure.

I feel crowded, possibly overwhelmed, by people who are close to me and I do not know how to dignify myself with my behaviour.

My life has turned into unexpected crossroads the mystical part of one’s life.

One the right is a strong path to freedom, uncertainty and a lavish lifestyle.

On the left is a, far too, familiar path of self-destruction and feeling content with oneself without reaching those justified rewards.

However, I am looking straight on, the problem, which affects me the most is hat I am the most scared off, the problem I do not have the foggiest what that is.

I afraid I am blindfolded in uncertain waters; I need to feel like this more often.

Challenge myself and those around me, do not fall back on jokes, take things seriously. I am 20 years old coming up 21, time to grow up.

I am not ready to do so though, I still make reckless mistakes and regrets which can run the marathon.

Shame I do not believe in them. As Robbie Williams once said regrets really do not work, they do just make things worst.

A slight element to that song really, dreaming of his bad experiences with his old tour manager, bet the money helps Robbie.

I thinking of another song he did though, Let love be your energy.

Perhaps that is the guideline I shall have on life. Begin to love things, love my passion, love my integrity, love my friends and family, love those things, which hold dear to me.

A more positive on look, head up son, believe in your self.

Get back to the man everyone (hopefully) loves.

The Smiths – Charming Man.

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