Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Respect Please....

James Harper: I salute you.
Thank you saving the small glimpse of self-respect I have for myself when I was idolising those overly paid and overrated Reading players.
What you did at the last game against Tottenham did more for me than our championship winning match or the parade around the town.
You are a brave gentleman and I would be embarrassed to look you in the eye, coming out to do a lap of honour by yourself left me proud and dedicated that you are Reading’s heartbeat.
Par for you and Marcus Hahnemann, the playing and management staff have lost my gratitude, my passion, my excitement and especially my heart.
Surely, it is a time we should stick together and support each other. We need each other. The pathetic little posh, come to football because it’s Premiership, ‘fans’ should be ignored and you should the actual fans who supported them through thick and thin.
These fans supported these players when time was difficult and when we enjoyed all of our celebration together.
So those players like Graeme Murty, Nicky Shorey, Dave Kitson, Bobby Convey, Gunnarson, Little, Sonko, Fae, Hunt, Kebe, Ingamarsson, Long, etc shame on you.
It was like being told that Santa does not existence. I was really pissed off. Annoyed, in shock. Why do these players think they can do this? I bet they do not give two shits either.
The reality gap in huge, they all need bringing down and slapped on the bottom.
Lita, Rosenoir, Matejovsky, and Duberry made a desperate plea to join the lap of honour and they did go around and applauded the fans that remained.
The result against Tottenham has more or less put us down with our appalling goal difference, but after seeing this I do not think we deserve to stay up.
People might feel I am being fickle but this was a major lack of respect to the fans that supports them. Even those some of those fans have only joined the wagon recently.
Stephen Hunt, the FANS player of the year did not even show his respect, his gratitude. It is pathetic.
What a slap in the face it was?
Therefore, some good luck messages.
Nicky Shorey – Have fun at West Ham, it has been fun.
Stephen Hunt – enjoy the Irish at Sunderland, you have made us laugh.
Dave Kitson – I hope you enjoying being a bit part player and giving two shites about the FA Cup.
Emerse Fae – Well you can just fuck off.
Sonko – What happened son, I really hope you can recapture your form, but you have been disappointing.
Kevin Doyle – An honour, personal issues which affected you but you have run your heart out. Be sad to separate.
Glen Little – ‘Blakey’ if we had you from the start we would not be in the same position.
Leroy Lita – despite the sex scandals would have loved for you to actually score in a match for once.
John Oster – pfft
Matejovsky – Signing of the season, just too late to make a proper impact.
Duberry – Best days are behind you but you tried.
Steve Coppell, our most successful manager of all time, could not order his players back onto that field to show the fans they have the fight. He is losing the fight.
Rob Shepherd, in the News of the World, claimed he should be given a job in the FA as he acts for principle above judgement and I totally agree with him. Not a bad word to say about Coppell.

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Ross G said...

This is a good blog....i think they are all twats except Little!awesome player