Thursday, 15 May 2008

Not happy atm.... whinging

Where there is happiness, there comes sorrow.
Where there is pride, there comes disgust.
Where there hope, there comes failure.
I feel saddened, to be honest, with life in general. I wanted to see great heights.
It has been five days since Reading were relegated and it has been five days since I remembered England would not be at the European Championships.
I am not sure what to look forward too; another bloody depressing summer with shit loads of rain watching an irrupted Wimbledon and the pollution affected Olympic Games.
I am looking at a Bristol City against Hull play off final to see one of them in the Premiership. The look of disgust I give myself at the thought of that. However, it is not a thought it is actually happening.
It is bad enough Stoke managed to sneak in there; they think it is all over. Nick Hancock will be smug.
Now I have to see Reading play teams no way near their standard and we will probably get dicked.
The standard is no way what it should be, it is such a tightly congested league, no one is better than each other are.
The three went down from the premiership were two which were promoted last season and one from the year before. The gap is getting too big.
It is getting a bad sport, not logical. I currently have a huge headache; perhaps it is telling me that I am just bitter. Truth to be own that is probably true.
Grey skies over Southampton do not help either. I will get in a better mood and give a positive outlook on things but at the moment, it is hard to find a way out.

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