Thursday, 8 May 2008

Gingerism Rules........ careful

Red Heads have a tendency be ignored by prejudices. These days it is easy to be a ginger.
I was thinking of the famous sporting red heads, which have inspired our lives. There are even more in general, to make it excited as well as being on knife-edge. Gingers have really come together and left certain traits. Red haired people tend to be bad tempered and moody but there are some which have helped to make the world what it is today.
Much more stressful.
There are some of your classic jokes?
What do redheads and McDonalds have in common? They have never had it so good and so fast.
What is safer: a redhead or a piranha? The piranha. They only attack in schools.
How do you get a redhead’s mood to change? Wait 10 seconds.
Should we know this as Gingerism? Can it actually be bad?
We all know they have fiery tempers, and get in a mood rather quickly.
Paul Scholes, probably the best redheaded footballer of all time, gets stropping from time to time.
Neil Lennon even gets threats from his native Northern Ireland and profound of getting moody and highly controversial.
John Arne Riise is even mad enough to score in his own end. Thanks mate.
Iwan Thomas restricts himself to reality television these days, as well as the major fall out with the selectors in his heyday.
Even Lulu was mad enough to sing with Take That, catching but disgustingly toy boyish.
Nicole Kidman even married the shortest man alive. While she was way over six foot.
Kirsten Dunst was even getting off with a bloody spider.
Charlie Dimmock, what can I say? She is always getting her fingers dirty.
Anne Robinson is the weakest link, but what a leg! Do not mess with her.
There was even the fickle Little Red Riding hood that became so naive the wolf certainly enjoyed that.
Daphne from Scooby Doo was always the one being captured, whilst Shaggy was the idiot.
Even Jessica Rabbit was evil, but she was hot. Well despite half a fish, Ariel was stunning as well.
Isla Fisher must be mad banging Borat and carrying his child. That is definitely an interesting relationship.
The wild royal ‘Fergie’ takes some beating.
Elizabeth I was even the daughter of the barmy Henry VIII.
Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus, was supposedly re-haired. Enough said.
Florence Nightingale was a ginger nut.
It was recorded that Witches needed the fat of a person with red hair when making poisons. They are evil.
I just wanted to let people know gingerism is still out there and still in strong force. They are all people too.
Instead of remembering them as red haired, let us just remember them of being moody bastards. Perhaps then, they may get off our backs.

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