Monday, 28 April 2008

Player of the........

So, Cristaino Ronaldo has won Player of the year for the second year on the tot and fair play to him. He is very worthy of it.
I remember when every England fan wanted to stamp the living shit out of him, how he has come of age. It is an honour for those who hate him suddenly stand up and applaud him.
When he first joined the league he was called many names, many I will repeat: greasy twat, driving c*nt, Portuguese tosser, gay, manc, cry baby, and that was just the first 5 minutes of the game Reading playing Manchester United at the Madejski.
How he defined all those people? He still receives a torrid amount of abuse and he has every reason to suffer from that.
I remember him going pass Graeme Murty as if he was not there, with such ease; it was like watching a grandma walking into a supermarket. This was just after World Cup 2006 as well.
Now, you see a grown man using his talents properly. Not to take the piss of his opposition but to carve out the tightest of openings, that killer pass, to get his team mates involved, he is a magician.
Ronaldo has done, about as many stopovers in one match, than David Beckham has had Posh on her back. That is saying something.
He is still at such a young age that his talents have not stopped developing yet, it is frightening how good he might turn up to be.
Cesc Fabergas has had a great season and he deserves his young player of the year award but I thought Fernando Torres would have run him close. He has had the best debut season from a foreigner that the Premiership has ever seen. He will only improve.
However, for now, Ronaldo we all applaud you and your remarkable achievement and let it continue, as you are about one of the only people to make Man U interesting to watch.

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