Friday, 25 April 2008

Envious by all accounts

May is coming up and we are deep in a relegation battle. Tensions are sky scraping, but who would have preferred a trip to Wembley, I certainly would have.
I cannot believe the sheep shaggers (Cardiff), the Dickie Bird fan club (Barnsley); Adrian Child’s lost fatherland (West Brom) got a day out at Wembley.
Hey, I am even green with envy of bloody Franchise FC or Martin Butler’s Grimsby.
Torquay and bloody Ebbsfleet United are going to get a day out.
Come on even Tottenham got a final. How atrocious is that?
However, heading down Wembley Walk with you colours spread, all integrated. Seeing all those crooked scarf, flag, etc sellers again would be great, although I would demand my back. The t-shirt, i wasted ten pound, was drivel, the sticker fell off. The flags did not even have the precise badge on it, I was taken advantage of, and at least I put their feed there inbreeds.
I was too young to remember when we were ruthlessly deprived of a place in the Premiership in 1995. Typical Reading huh?
I was there for the gigantic head of Tony Rougier spoiling a day out at Millennium Stadium. Going all the way to Cardiff to observe us getting beat by Walsall and that big afro of Don Goodman, we should have won. That was a mockery. That was not the greatest day by any means. Typical Reading?
The best thing to come out of that day was when a certain Rolls Royce pulled up parallel to our coach and six of us mooned the driver and the man seating in the back. John Madejski will salute you.
I still get excited for the cup, perhaps I am still young and naive. I love the chase, seeing the thing you want in sight.
I suppose it is like when you finally shag a bird like Britney Spears, you wanted to do it for years but when you do it, you find out she’s psycho and has no hair, it’s not everything you imagined it to be.
However, it is always nice to say you done it; the chase is more exciting than the actual goal.
I found that out in the first season of the Premiership, I was so glad we are here but what is there to look forward too.
Don’t doubt me in saying that the wins against Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Tottenham, draws with Chelsea and Manchester United were not amazing and I lost my voice on many occasions but imagine knocking them out of the cup. That FA Cup tie against Man U, which was by far the greatest game of the season for me.
I came out disappointed, looked where they ended up in the final, we matched them.
Relegation is all nerves; I will always support my team throughout thick and thin, and whatever division we are in. Unlike some of these ‘new fashion’ Reading fans, I am seeing.
Dave Kitson claiming he did not give two shits about the FA Cup and that went over my head like a John Oster cross.
He is a fantastic and deserves all the recognition he gets and I want him to win something with Reading. He deserves to be a FA Cup winner not your run of the mill Premiership player.
The first Reading team to win the FA Cup believe me that would mean a lot more to the real fans of the club than four seasons of lower mid table finishes.
Come on there is so much you can take in this league; Cristaino Ronaldo scoring another spectacular goal passed us, Arsene Wenger claiming he did not see anything or another pathetic 1-0 defeat to Chelsea.
I loved when we beat Darlington on Penalties. What a game that was? Moreover, we knew we did not have next week to say that we can catch up on three points next week either.
Funnily enough I still have dreams about watching Phil Parkinson walking out at the old Wembley Stadium with the Reading faithful in full force, tears in my eye, heart pounding. We know what it means.
However, it may just be our very own cup final against Tottenham.

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