Monday, 21 April 2008

We are Scientists compared to Liverpool v Chelsea

Trust my luck when I discovered the Liverpool against Chelsea is on the same night as We Are Scientists. There with be no Great Escape, nor they will be performing After Hours. It will be a case of Nobody move, Nobody gets hurt. Even though I am a Liverpool fan, the Scene will be Dead. It will be a Textbook game, no of these teams Can’t Lose. Chelsea does have a Lousy Reputation against Liverpool, What’s the Word they hate Garcia. It’s a Hit, it may not have gone over but it was Liverpool who went on to win the Cash Cow.No doubt I’ll have to wait until the second leg but it will be Worth the Wait. Lethal Enforcer’s Gerrard and Lampard are back for their clubs, and That’s what Counts. No time for Callbacks, there will be a lot of Inaction on the touchlines between Benetiz and Grant. Let’s see It.The Champions League trophy is Spoken For by Liverpool 5 times and Chelsea are becoming more and more Impatience to win it. Will it be the Ghouls of a second leg at Stamford Bridge which will takes its toll. Tonight may be the night for the Dinosaurs of Liverpool to establish a good first leg lead. The Chelsea’s Chick Lit will be in full flow as they tend to only come out at night, we don’t want any Altered Beast coming to spoil it.
See what I done there!


Shaun Murphy said...

not really.

Ross G said...

My god i cant belive u compared the two