Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Well Done Tottenham, now begin a revolution!

Can I wish a huge congratulation to Tottenham Hotspur, for not only winning the Carling Cup but also breaking the iron grip monopoly of the domestic cup competitions by the top four?
Let it continue.
Tottenham have shown it can be done, now we more teams to break this. Everton and Aston Villa look to threaten fourth spot though Liverpool’s shockingly poor domestic season. This is not enough.
Let us get behind these teams and hope they do this more often.
The gap between the Premiership and Championship is too inadequate; the difference between the top four and the rest of the Premiership is ever increasing.
More fans would love different teams in the mix, we want Newcastle competing, Blackburn filling their stadium and try to win the league again, we want Leeds and Nottingham Forest to relive past glories; this is the problem, the lack of variation is going to ruin our football.
We are the best competition in the world and it looks we may lose that.
I have an idea, what about the Champions are not allowed to improve their squad by signing players, only those on a free transfer or of British heritage.
The second placed are only allowed to sign one, third can buy two and fourth can buy three. The rest are allowed to sign whom they like.
I believe this would help competition, not between the top four but between the whole of the premiership. Aston Villa may be able to snatch a top quality player and get into the champions league. Everton maybe able to steal a quality player under the noses of Liverpool to take fourth spot again.
This may even allow those fringe players of the English national side to improve as well. Imagine more England international playing for the better clubs and playing in the Champions League regularly.
This would effectively balance the premiership out with more clubs benefiting from the television and Champions League money; it would prevent a monopoly by the top four.
Also let us do another relegation spot but that team which finishes in 17th spot has to play the loser of the play-off final to see if they keep their Premiership status or if the losing play-off team can cause an upset. Alternatively, even do six play-off spaces and the winning three have to play 16th, 17th, and 18th spot in the Premiership?
This would mean a possible of five teams could be promoted. We need to make the competition more difficult and less money grabbing.
We need to distribution the income football gets across all division and this problem needs to be sorted.

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