Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Great Escape in On

The great escape comes in many forms.
There is the Steve McQueen type, a spine thrilling, edge of seat, exciting twist escape with he had to define many attempts to stop his brave efforts from the hands of the happy shooting Germans.
There is the George Bush escape, despite doing everything wrong; he still ends up, remarkably, on top.
There is the Lance Armstrong escape; battling back from Cancer and managed to win the Tour de France took so much strength as it looked unlikely.
There is my escape, where I also set the kitchen alight by almost throwing a pan with cooking oil into a bowl of water. Not clever.
And there is the lucky escape, such as freeing your pork sword easily from a difficult zipper situation. Breathe.
Watching Bournemouth beating Crewe was incredible and it really is a great escape. Perhaps in the Steve McQueen form. A 1-0 win, definitely edge of seat stuff, many loyal and committed fans was loud in voice.
Ironically, the great escape theme tune was pretty much played all the way through. It is what fairytales are made from.
Been deducted ten points and somehow putting themselves into a situation to stay up. What an achievement.
If they beat Carlisle next week, and a few results go their way, they will be safe and face League 1 football next season.
What an achievement it would be for Kevin Bond and all those players, which have played so well, to stay in this league. It is not fair that these players and fans are punished for the board not doing their job.
It reminds me of the Northern Rock chief executive getting a one million pound pay off for doing a shite job. How does that work?
Surely, he should have been the one sentenced to be hung, strung and quarter. How can anyone justify that? It is depressing to see teams like Luton, Leeds, etc all suffering because of idiotic management. They should be the one who gets it in the neck.
That is how football has become a business rather than a sport. As in every walk of life, the fans always suffer.
Seeing young Cherries like Sam Vokes and Marvin Bartley making a difference to such a young side was remarkable. It may not even be there next year, simply to pay off their debt.
Believe I would love them to stay up and keep the dream alive. This is what football is all about; this is why it is the best competition in the world.

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