Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Admire?? Maybe not

I have just read that the Tennis player, which is dubbed the worst in the world, just won his first game at the 55th attempt.
You have to say to yourself, is it bloody worth it.
Not everyone can get to the dizzy heights of Greg Rudeski or Tim Henmann. Gag! Gag!
Robert Dee congratulations. Without doubt you have been mocked, the butt of all jokes but you cannot blame them can you.
His career best rank is 1,466, not bad for someone who had just won.
I cannot understand why he goes through it, still aiming to be a professional. There must be a few screws lose.
Remarkably, this was not a record he equalled it. Diego Beltranena of Guatemala was just as bad. Perhaps these two should play many exhibition games against each other to see who comes out on top.
Perhaps he is someone to admire, keeping at something. He must have suffered a lot and has so much will power and strength to carry on. Maybe a lesser man may have given up and he is keeping to his gun.
I may even fancy giving him a game.

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