Sunday, 20 April 2008

I must have been Arsed

I tell you something the Emirates Stadium is breathe taking, it is a proper football stadium.
Clap! Clap! Clap! And it is just a big disappointment that they have nothing to show for it.
With the stadium more or less paid for Arsene Wenger will surely make a handful of quality purchases in the summer to make a great team even better.
I was in with the Reading lot witnessing a textbook performance by the Gunners as they spanked the life out of a poor Reading side, 2-0 flattered Reading. It was embarrassing.
Our away support even got bored as they split into two and the left side of the away end started singing, yeah you guessed it, ‘We’re the left side, we’re the left side, we’re the left side of the stand’ and it got the response they were looking for, ‘We’re the right side.....’.
This went on for five minute.
On entering the stadium, I was told the price for a beer was £3.50 by a Polish worker, and like a John Oster cross, it flew over my head. I could not believe it, I tried to explain to her that I’m a nice drunk, looking for a discount, but I didn’t get one and by protest I was thinking about buying a soft drink.
Of course I brought a beer (and a further two), but I needed it. Needed some courage, I was excited for the game against one of the top four. Then I heard the line up. I rushed back, barged through to the bar I needed a top up. I did need some change though.
No Shorey, No Hunt, No Doyle, No Little, No Long, No Matejovsky, this were not going to be a good day. But hey, we were only going to be playing the best footballing side in the country, a team we have never beaten.
I breathed and in my drunken state, I decided to give the new boys a chance. Convey is a good player and could attack Toure. Cisse could keep Hleb in his pocket. We need to play it down the wings and let us hope Kitson can get on the end of one.
Give Kebe a chance instead of Oster, good shout. However, before I got carried away I remembered Kebe could not pass, shot, control, tackle, or create space. He is fast though and he has, er, nice hair.
We started 5 4 1, two man markers with Ingamarsson the spare man at the back. Coppell felt we could have done the same we did against Manchester United on the first game of the season. It failed badly.
Arsenal are a lot better side than we are but seeing us in the position we were, I was disappointed. I would have loved to attack Arsenal.
Not a long time ago, we were playing football like them, maybe in the division below but we were still doing that. Please let us visit those times and remember.

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Ross G said...

i decided to give the new boys a chance. Convey is a good player and could attack Toure. Cisse could keep Hleb in his pocket.hahaha but they didnt!Plus steven where have we gone like gigs and sporting events when the drink hasn't been expensive!whats the price of beer at wembly and dare i say the "mad" stad!