Monday, 4 August 2008

A Vaughan Calling

It is an end of a provident era for England’s, arguably, most successful captain. Michael Vaughan we salute you. A lack of runs inevitably closed the curtains on the great opera that is English cricket.

With the game heading into a new depth of deep reliance, it might have been the correct time for Vaughan to step down. With much regret, Vaughan may notice the trend that cricket is heading in a direction that has no time for someone who is naturally a test specialised. He has already spoken of his worries and desires of cricket heading to a wary direction and today’s cricket will be about the players like Kevin Pietersen, who will naturally take up the role of captains in both forms of the game.

Vaughan without a doubt, will be remembered for THAT 2005 Ashes victory or the series win in South Africa just before. After taking over from Nassar Hussain in 2003, Vaughan has always been a figure to aspire too.

His captaincy has always been cunning and articulated in the field. He notices things that others do not; he has always had good inspiring players in his team as well. A good captain is always a good leader of men and has a huge tactical expertise.

Leading men like Pietersen and Flintoff cannot be easy. I would like to mention how he dealt with Marcus Trescothick and his personal problems. He kept the spirit and the high morale going throughout the difficult times. He was the forefront of everything good for England and the people simply feel affection for him. The test victory against the West Indies in June 2007 was a significant moment in his reign, as he became the captain to lead his side to the most test victories, more than any of his predecessors did.

His batting suffered a great deal when he was first appointed captain as he averaged only 30.13 from his first twelve tests. He must have been feeling similar to those five years on. Nevertheless, he made England into the one of the most successful sides in world cricket.

His career went from strength to strength under Duncan Fletcher as Vaughan captained his side to an England’s record eight consecutive tests wins.

He may be heading out on a bit of a low rather than a staking high but that seems to sum it all up. There is never an easy time to bow out possibly after an, potential ashes win next year. He still wants to carry on for his country and he should not be prevented in doing that.

It is always best to leave on your terms and your own decision, Vaughan emotional departure gave, in retrospect circumstances, a feel of novelty to those fans that followed religiously. It proves he cares and this decision did not come likely but good luck Pietersen, you definitely have big boots to fill.

Michael Vaughan you will be forgotten, see you in October.

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