Monday, 4 August 2008

Paula at the Marks

In a deeply positive state of sentiment today as Paula Radcliffe claims she is feeling good for the upcoming Olympics.

August 17th will be the extraordinary day where Radcliffe will take her place amongst her fellow competitors and be aiming for gold. She is the current world record holder and we need her to be in a chance of claiming a shiny medal.

She, infamously, pulled out of the Athens 10,000m in 2004 and broke down in tears that gripped the astounding nation. Since then she has given birth, but contributed a decent, carefree comeback with a win at the New York Marathon last November.

Radcliffe is a rare talent and it is something what I really like about the Olympics. It proves had work pays off and how many times you have been knocked down you always come back and be stronger. Definitely, in the Lance Armstrong mould.

At a tender age of 34, it is worth her career leaves us with a great finale. Fairytales are for the young, so she just does not want to let anyone down.

It will certainly be fitting to see Paula claim the gold and goes down in the record books, into the Olympic folk law, as one of Britain’s finest. Legend is often over used, but she can be one. Moreover, in Olympics world, an honest one.

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