Thursday, 4 September 2008

Long Rest King Kev

All hail King Kev, the pride of the north. The football man, everyone’s best mate. He will be going out of Newcastle even more popular than he walked in.
It looks like he walked out on Newcastle before he was pushed out, inevitably, that was the case. Kevin Keegan you are a hero, you stand for so much. Your principles stand for much more than anyone could have bargained for, as the Manic Street Preaches sing -a true working class hero.
You leave those adoring fans who worshipped every step you took. It is a pity that they have to suffer but they will stand by you. You can tell by the hundreds protesting outside St James Park, they will never desert you.
Mike Ashley and Dennis Wise, or Cannon and Ball what I like to call them, will have to go into hiding. There will be thousands baying for their blood and they will not settle until they achieve that.
Ashley you are a supposedly a huge Newcastle fan, you sit in the stands, recklessly downing pints but it is true that people with money lose reality and a sense of belonging. Act your age and act you responsibilities. Keegan will go into footballs wilderness and leave a decent side in which Wise tried to destroy.
He was desperate for a left back so he got a striker. Logic please?
The club has even came out saying that Keegan was being unreasonable, he sticks to his guns. He will stick up for what he believes in and that is not renegotiable.
Keegan, Bill Shankly once told you to go on to that field and drop bombs. Newcastle fans I suggest you do similar. Not actually drop real bombs of course, but boycott, protest, petitions, your much devoted club deserves better. Keegan saved it and it only take a couple of twats too ruining it.
Ruud Gullet ruined a well run club, Sir Bobby Robson took you so close to glory and Keegan had to save the Graeme Souness era.
There is never a better time for the one they call God. Alan Shearer you are desperately needed. Restore the pride, the honour, the realisation in the northeast before it is too late.

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