Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ashes to Lay

So Mike Ashley has gotten bored. His pragmatic view of his ‘beloved’ Newcastle United went up in agonising smoke. Love and passion cannot go in hand in hand with determination and being a strict, domineering businessperson.
A fan cannot make the tough decisions, sure, we all know best as fans, but we are not always realistic. Ashley was sceptically torn from love and lust. He is right to sell up; he is right to move but unlike other ex-owners done not lose the love you have for the club. It is a bigger part in your than you think.
Swiftly sacking Sam Allardyce was a blessing for many Newcastle fans, as he grew oblivious of what he has taken on. Ashley looked for a saviour and there was only one man the fans would ever want and that was Kevin Keegan. It was a bold decision and he grew many plaudits and slaps on the back from his fellow Toon Army. He wanted to be everyone’s friend, so picking Keegan seemed like the best way to do that even though it would not be the best for long-term concerns.
He has paid the price for trying to pro long his popularity. Shrewd businesspersons need to make the call.
It was a beautiful fairytale bringing Keegan back who was well away into early retirement. He was out of practice and the Premiership has certainly changed in recent times.
Keegan’s reign at Manchester City was relevantly successful but never as high profile as his second stint at Newcastle.
The director of football is not necessarily a bad thing for managers as they can do the horse work in getting transfer targets and sorting out the youth team. The manager needs to identify targets, realistic targets. The Director of Football should never decide what player the club need, suggestion etc should take place, but the buck should stop with the manager.
Dennis Wise wanted to be manager, why leave Leeds United? He was in the hot seat of a mammoth club and he chose money, so you can see where his credentials are.
Keegan was out of the game and must have been out of practise asking for Jonny Woodgate, Thierry Henry, another ridiculous transfer target should have been squashed, and they were promptly. He must at that time rely on scout reports, speak to his chief scout explain what he needs. Star players do not make the team.
Ashley, it must have been fun in the honeymoon period but divorce is immediate. Still be a fan but next time behave in the manor of your position.

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