Wednesday, 10 September 2008

A Classic Battle between Man and Boy

A game that separated man and boy. Legend and up coming. Smart and rough. Privileged and needing. Calm and aggression. The best and the best against of the rest. This was Roger Federer against Andy Murray in the final of the US Open.
Class prevailed as Federer swiftly defeated Murray in three sets as the Scot only providing stiff competition in the second set.
Class shown and Murray looked out of his depth; alas, he did not perform the same way when he ousted Rafael Nadal in the semi-final. He was not allowed to play. One of Murray’s strength at the moment is his powerful serve and that undid, what I could only presume, a tired Nadal.
Federer played his serve brilliantly and broke him almost instantly as he won the first set 6 -2 in a mere 26 minutes.
Murray started to get more involved as Federer edged out the two set 7 – 5 as Murray found his dominate forehand and started to hit spectacular passes.
In the third set, it was obvious that there would be only winner as Federer played, pundits say, the best in two years. He has finally reached the dizzy heights and he has been running on fourth gear for the past two years. Not bad considering that this was his fifth straight US Open win. He must be determined to get back his rightful number one spot from Nadal.
Murray showed character as he began the third but his basic instincts got the better of him as he resorted to self-swearing and massive yells in agony. He is obviously a difficult loser but reaching the final is no disappointment and if anyone else were standing on the other side of the net, it would have been a much different story.
Murray will take a lot of heart from this and he has learnt that he can mingle among the best. This best ever grand slam performance has put him at number four in the world and the top three are certainly going to be difficult to crack.
He has the solid fundamentals and around nine years ago it would have been easily been capable of being the world number one as he is a lot better than Andy Roddick, Albert Ferrer or Leyton Hewitt ever was but unfortunately he is in the world of Nadal and Federer and those two will dominate the modern era.
Third should be his next target plus a lucky break in the Australia Open.

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