Wednesday, 10 September 2008

He Beats Cancer, Now the World

In all honesty I am quite frankly bemused about the shock reemerging of Lance Armstrong back on the Cycling circuit. The seven time champion claims he has came out of retirement to provide more awareness for cancer through the global event.
He bids to win his eighth Tour De France title as he has surprisingly shocked the world and I am rather excited to see a true legend come back on the circuit when the event has been shamefully tortured with numerous drugs allegations and an upheaval of controversy.
I see Armstrong’s return as a savior. He came to save the credentials of the sport that has been ran through the mud and destroyed.
He has seemed to have gone all ‘Bono’ on us and will try single commandingly to rid the burden of cancer amongst the neutral world.
The American is in the record books and I do not feel that this will do much for him, has he came in to be ultimately competitive? Was their huge financial rewards on offer to prize him out of the comfy life? How will be fend?
I will certainly take a bigger interest in the sport next year as someone I regard as a true and inspiring legend on his sport and of it. Beating cancer and then winning the title again is an remarkable feat and I do not want to lose that enormous respect I currently have for him.

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