Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Saving Grace

I am fed up with all the teasing and suggestions.

I am fed up with people who just cannot be honest to the fans and to themselves.

I am fed up with speculating (even though it is quite fun).

Just speak up, do not we deserve some respect rather than being given the cold shoulder and left in the wilderness.

Perhaps they think they are better than everyone else is, money definitely does talk.

So those Reading players who may, may not, be going, please give us some indication of your future plans.

Do not tease us with the tabloids stories we want evidence. If you go, go on good terms, do not make the club look bad. Let us be reasonable.

Reading are typical getting, supposedly, excited for the new season to commence. New shirt released on the 11th of July.

It is the people who are ‘advertising the merchandise’ which came a bit of a culture shock really. Shane Long, Bobby Convey, Marcus Hahnemann, Gunnarsson, and Ciise are all wearing the new stylist polo tops, a mystery kit keeping under wraps.

No sign of Captain Graeme Murty? Questionable if I say so myself.

Shane Long empathises the youth of the club, possibly the new pin up.

Hahnemann is a goalkeeper and the unquestionable fans favourite. A relationship that will last a lifetime. His loyalty has been in question, nor his graceful attitude towards the public.

However, huge absences of Kevin Doyle, Dave Kitson, Leroy Lita, Stephen Hunt, Nicky Shorey, Harper, etc looks bad, well in my eyes, on the club.

The speculation must be true, talks must be on going, and things are going to change.

I do appreciate Steve Coppell coming out in the local player and declaring that he is, already, ‘tired of transfer talk and now he wants to hear his players commit themselves to getting Reading back in the Premier League. ‘

I want the player, who end up leaving, departing on good terms and be cheered when they return. Steve Sidwell got a mix reception but that was not the true hard core Reading fans booing, it was the fickle so-called Premiership supporters, thanks for the waste of my time.

Jamie Cureton always got an amazing roar, as did Adi Williams and Nicky Forster. I want players to leave with dignity and their heads held high.

So please, just let us know. Therefore, we can say goodbye and good luck.

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