Monday, 7 July 2008

Given by the Grace of God

With the heavens releasing hell, there was only one man to defy belief.

He challenged the devil, and won convincingly. Not a mere mortal could have done the deed Lewis Hamilton did.

He drove with graces backing, and there must have been angels guiding him as he worryingly conceded he could not see through his visor.

He won, hang on, he thrashed the rest of the field.

At Silverstone, he was the ‘chosen one’. He showed maturity light years ahead of himself, even though the McLaren bosses had to remind him to slow down. He was fast, each reoccurring lap, he gained five or six seconds on the field and he wanted to go faster.

Ayrton Senna would be looking down envious. The rain man himself would have been impressed with the Brit’s courageous, spirited drive at Silverstone. It was 20 years ago, Senna won with that famous yellow helmet, how Hamilton would love, to emulate him. Well he has the helmet.

Past winners Damien Hill, Sterling Moss, James Hunt, James Watson, looked on with anguish as Hamilton made it looked so easy. A God given talent, a master class at such a tender age.

He was the hero, a true loved hero. The Crowd went mad, ecstatic, in full voice. The man they came to see won. He dominated.

It was not the only the fact he won his home Grand Prix but in the manner he won.

Critics have been slating his exploits and his newfound fame. So what?

He has earned the right; the first black driver should meet great men like Nelson Mendela and socialise with Will Smith and Denzel Washington. Although Rapping with P. Diddy may have to go a miss. Who would have thought anyone would have passed judgement?

Well done Lewis for kicking back and winning the British Grand Prix with such stylist and bravery and answer those critics.

He is, foremost, a Formula One driver and a profound role model for anyone out there.

He admitted it was his hardest of his life and the most satisfying. If he waited at the finishing line, he would have to wait one minute and six seconds for second place, Nick Heidfeld, to catch up. Remarkable.

This added to his wins at Australia and Monaco to catch up with Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa at the driver’s championship, where they are all tied on 48 points.

Straight from the off he was his vigilant self as he slotted into second with such ease and class before, undeniably, taking the lead in lap five from team-mate Heikki Kovalinen.

There was no looking back. Only the smallest of challenges from Ferrari’s Raikkonen, before he eventually faded, as Ferrari will and truly cocked up on their tactics.

Massa might have well be at a fairground, on the teacups, with the amount of times he span.

Mark Webber also suffered, as well as Brits Jenson Button and David Coultard.

Notably, Honda’s Rubens Barrichello started 16th and finished third as he pushed hard and used his experience to guide him safely to a podium finish.

Nevertheless, this was Hamilton’s race and one of a racing God.

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