Tuesday 27 May 2008


How could anyone possibly know how I feel?

Morrissey sang his version, now I may do mine. In a more upbeat manner (well sort of).

I never done this in words before, I normally give out pathetic jokes and a poor excuse for banter.

I am not sure what to take seriously at the moment and I feel rather disappointed. Disgruntled even.

The thrill is always in the chase rather than the kill. Perhaps that is what my senses are telling but I am not so sure.

I feel crowded, possibly overwhelmed, by people who are close to me and I do not know how to dignify myself with my behaviour.

My life has turned into unexpected crossroads the mystical part of one’s life.

One the right is a strong path to freedom, uncertainty and a lavish lifestyle.

On the left is a, far too, familiar path of self-destruction and feeling content with oneself without reaching those justified rewards.

However, I am looking straight on, the problem, which affects me the most is hat I am the most scared off, the problem I do not have the foggiest what that is.

I afraid I am blindfolded in uncertain waters; I need to feel like this more often.

Challenge myself and those around me, do not fall back on jokes, take things seriously. I am 20 years old coming up 21, time to grow up.

I am not ready to do so though, I still make reckless mistakes and regrets which can run the marathon.

Shame I do not believe in them. As Robbie Williams once said regrets really do not work, they do just make things worst.

A slight element to that song really, dreaming of his bad experiences with his old tour manager, bet the money helps Robbie.

I thinking of another song he did though, Let love be your energy.

Perhaps that is the guideline I shall have on life. Begin to love things, love my passion, love my integrity, love my friends and family, love those things, which hold dear to me.

A more positive on look, head up son, believe in your self.

Get back to the man everyone (hopefully) loves.

The Smiths – Charming Man.

Monday 26 May 2008

Terry is finally ready...

John Terry… next (still) England captain.

How he came and apologised to his fans for missing that penalty, denying him the chance to become the first Chelsea captain to win the European cup, was nothing short of revolutionary.

A man to take sole responsibility (it was his fault for missing the crucial spot kick) is a brave one. This is something that most players will never do they find excuses.

Terry also claimed that this ‘moment will haunt him forever’, perfect choice for captain.

He will so determined and strong-minded to not to fill that way again. We have a great mentality for the position, he gave us something that he has no shown us before, heart.

I have always favoured Steven Gerrard for the role, as he has the ability to lift the crowd and his teammates with on field inspiration.

He is not the man Terry is though.

Terry is built on bravery, integrity, and loyalty.

Who out of the England team would you want to go into war with?

All the goalkeepers will drop the bombs, even if David James hair could fit into the helmet.

Rio Ferdinand will blame everyone else and call every one mate.

Wayne Rooney will jump straight into the opposition trench before the war had even started.

Gerrard will lead the troops and he will get the best out the better troops.

It will be Terry, who will be hollowing to get the troops going.

For that reason, I believe Terry would need that armband more than Gerrard. He needs it.

Terry’s tears in the Champion’s League final made him human.

He is a centre half and should do what centre halves should do, defend.

I figured out that Terry will inspire the new groups of youngsters, which will come through, but he has to make himself into a legend, in the Adams, Bruce, Platt mould.

He has to win big, be commanding, and argue less with referees, questions those who are not committed to Chelsea.

He should be demanding talk with Chelsea’s owners and demand commitment, continuity and loyalty. He should not be a part of this comedy should Roman Abramovich is putting on.

Whoever he gets as his next jester will have to demand respect straight from the off. He should get his team, a team who wants to play with each other.

For Terry to become a great captain of England he needs to demand respect of his team and of his club. It really should not be a one-way street.

He has all the credentials and ticks all the right boxes. Fabio Capello must have been moved by the way he took responsibility for his team. He has calmed down in recent years, his behaviour now must be appropriate to the teams and countries needs.

David Beckham was the fashion captain, he, possibly, changed the role forever but now Terry needs to take the biggest step of them all.

To become a legendary England Captain.

O the memories... well done Lewis

Experts say this is where heroes were born and where some heroes fall.

This place is so unforgiving; anyone can be easily outwitted and fall straight into the contiguous background.

I was amazed and over came with excitement when Lewis Hamilton took the chequered flag in the famous street race known as Monte Carlo.

Starting third after Ferrari has surprised everyone by claiming the front row; he drove magnificently, out witting and out racing the current world champion Kimi Raikkonen. He held the pressure off, as his good friend Robert Kubica and other Ferrari Felipe Massa were challenging him. In the first year, for a very long time, without traction controls in the end, he won comfortably.

Believe me that was not the whole story.

It rained for the first since 1997; this made this race difficult, virtually impossible.

Hamilton dreamt of winning at Monaco since he was a boy. His childhood hero Ayrton Senna was immense here, winning a record six times. Moreover, I am not sure if any time it was in these conditions.

I became a huge fan of Hamilton, not because I am banging patriot (which obviously I am), but because at his first race in Melbourne in 2007 when he out thought and out classed experienced drivers with an outside manoeuvre going into the first corner to get into third.

He did not give a shit, there was never a lack of respect as he over took the double World Champion and team mate at the time Fernando Alonso. At the end of the day, he is a racing driver he was competing. Well done, son.

Nothing pleases me more than over taking at BMW or a Jag in my little car, the look on their faces, priceless.

However, in many cases it is going down straights on dual carriageways and most of the time I get the finger and they become macho and overtake me, having a smug look on their faces. Twats.

Lewis do not have that, he cares for winning. In fact, he loves to win but it is respect to him to behave in such manner. He did not ask for preferable treatment, Alonso was just bitter. He is and will always be a fierce competitor.

He said, “This will be the highlight of my career (winning at Monte Carlo) and I am sure it will continue to be the highlight for the rest of my life.”

Well Lewis, I am glad that I managed to capture it in my mind. I will take those memories with me for a long time.

A wet course, safety cars, controversy, it had it all.

The one person I did feel sorry for is Adrian Sutil, he was going very steady in a surprised fourth, which would meant so much financially for Force India, then Raikkonen made a mistake, not for the time in the race, and crashed into the back on him. What a twat.

Typically, Ferrari just suffered a damaged front wing and that was replaced without any hassle, Sutil car had broken suspension. At least Raikkonen did not manage to get a point, no way have justice been done. Force India should send Ferrari a huge bill.

What an ill turn of fate? Schumacher lives on, I suppose.

Dry and wet tyres were in constant detail and it caused much disruption for teams. They had to decide when the circuit was ready for the dry tyres, a very difficult judgement.

Who dares win?

No, not really. Alonso managed to get great time in the end and so did Heikki Kovalainen, but it was too little to late as Kovalainen achieved the fastest lap of the day. However they guinea pigged for Hamilton, McLaren master stroked the timing and this race was more or less won.

Rosberg could not handle the dry tyres and the rain caused the service to be slippery, Massa spun off for Kubica to take second spot.


Hamilton even suffered a puncture early on in the race, but that played into his hands, having to pit only once more.

He was 40 seconds ahead before Nico Rosberg destroyed his car and the safety car was out again.

It looked, possibly, that all his hard work would have been undone.

It did not. He powered like a bull over that racing line, no set backs, just sheer joy.

The reason why I idolised him is that when he won the race the first thing he did was apologise for hitting the barrier and suffering that puncture.

So down to earth, so real, he celebrated with his Dad and Brother as soon as he got out of the car before walking up into the royal box.

It was 15 years ago since Senna triumphed here, well now he can try to emulate further and put his name down in folk law.

This win has put Hamilton (2008) name up with other successful Brits, won have won at Monaco, Stirling Moss (1956, 60, 61), David Coulthard (2000, 01), Jackie Stewart (1971, 73) and five time winner Graham Hill (1963, 64, 65, 68, 69).

The remarkable thing is that he is still six years younger than any of these won have won it.

Saturday 24 May 2008

Team of the Year... discuss

Team of the Year
It has been a while but I have thought deeply in every decision.
David James – Defined the years and helped Portsmouth to a high finish as well the FA Cup. England’s best for sure without any doubt, despite all the dodgy hair cut. Michael Owen will be cursing that current Afro.
Right Back
Glen Johnson – This was a tough one because Sagna, of Arsenal, has been solid as ever. But the reason I Opted for Johnson is because of his improved attitude. He has to be loved and Redknapp changed a run of the mile right back into a promising prospect. England right back position is in the wings.
Left Back
Gael Clinchy – It had to be him of Evra, Clinchy’s power and his running ability won this one. Always effective going forward and never exposed at the back. Makes Ashley Cole look average. How can he not be in the French squad?
Centre Back
Rio Ferdinand- Captain led Manchester United to a Premiership and Champions League double, formed a perfect partnership with Vidic, taking them back to the Bruce and Pallister era. Looked the part, and he is probably the best defender on the planet at the moment. Cool and Collective and reacts to danger and pressure instantly.
Centre Back
Jolean Lescott – A free scoring centre half has flourished in an Everton side this season and looked every part of England prospect. He has played right across the back line and supported his teammates in every way possible. Top class.
Right Midfielder
Cristiano Ronaldo – 42 goals, enough said. World Player of the year, without a doubt. The focal point in Man U’s attack, the threat and rarely misses good opportunities. The craft, the wit, and he are the talent of the North West.
Left Midfielder
Alexander Hleb – A great season he has had. His influence converted Arsenal’s attack and made them much more direct. After suffering in his first season, he really has shows his quality this term. Arsenal’s new Pires and Ljungberg rolled into one. They will need to get hold of him.
Centre Midfield
Cesc Fabergas – The Arsenals heartbeat and leader, especially for the first half of the season. He scored some memorable goals and managed to pop up in the big games, even though his influence died down in the end. And still so young.
Centre Midfield
Steven Gerrard – came into his own playing the attack midfielder's role in Rafa’s new formation. Still continues to get Liverpool out of trouble and he has formed the perfect partnership with Torres, which will do nothing but flourish in the future.
Centre Forward
Fernando Torres – 24 Premiership goals in his debut season. He really made it looked easy in all accounts. Top player, Liverpool fans favourite, so much more to come.
Centre Forward
Santa Cruz – A controversial choice, the reason I picked him over Adebayor is because Santa Cruz scored 19 goals for a Blackburn, which finished mid table whilst Adebayor goals all came at the beginning of the season. Santa Cruz makes Blackburn into a threat and Mark Hughes managed to find a stunning bargain.
Pepe Reina
Barcary Sagna
Nemaja Vidic
Frank Lampard
David Bentley
Gareth Barry
Emmanuel Adebayor

Monday 19 May 2008


Yes, the FA Cup final was everything what it desired to be. A defensive 1-0. A fluke at that. However, I did share an unexpected tear on cup final day.
It was not for the bunch of chavs who descended on Wembley. It was not for Harry Redknapp achieving something that he deserves nor was it not for the love of football.
It was for a hero.
Sir Bobby Robson.
What a legend. Seeing him walk out, suffering, for the love of football.
Shaking hands with those lucky individuals, what an honour that was.
He has lost feeling in his left side after a brain tumour but what credit he gets for handing out the FA Cup to Sol Campbell.
He had the biggest smile on his face, this maybe the last ‘football’ man left. You see him for what he is. Smiling like a little kid, it looked like he was meeting his heroes.
People speak of Sir Alf Ramsey as the legend he was, but I cannot forget what Robson did for us as a country.
He took an average England team into the semi final of a world and lost, typically, on penalties.
He created a surreal feel in the England camp, later squashed by Graham Taylor, thanks mate.
He got the best out players like Gary Lineker, collaborating him with Peter Beardsley. Lineker was top goal scorer at the 1986 World Cup. A world cup, which was drastically, cut short by one moment of brilliance and another of sheer arrogance and disrespect. We all know the story Diego Maradona. At least he is fat and losing it now. Deemed punishment. Why was he so good?
Early in his England career, he dropped Kevin Keegan and was spat at by his 'so-called' beloved Newcastle fans.
He, later, took those Newcastle fans all over Europe in the champion’s league. This was supposed to be the ’hardest’ job in football he managed it.
In his first home match, an 8-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday, now that is ‘sexy’ football.
He won league titles Holland, Portugal and Spain with ease, plus loads of cups, league cups, the lot.
Shame on you Craig Bellamy, you do not deserve to be a professional in any means. How would you be able to look at him again?
Freddy Shepherd, how can you sack that man, for what he has done for you and your club? Shame. He is still held in high esteem in Newcastle and been granted Freedom of the City. He has even been given the freedom of Ipswich to celebrate 30 years since they won the FA Cup. Everyone’s cousin will be after him.
Well next to Bobby Moore around Wembley should stand a statue of Sir Bobby Robson. Saying he was ‘football through and through.’ Then perhaps he would then get the upmost of credit he deserves.

Friday 16 May 2008

Club or country?

Sitting at the Rose Bowl, watching a quite thrilling encounter of Surrey against Hampshire, but thing, which really surprises me, is the crowd.
There is such a poor turnout. Shocking I know. Suppose from 10 o’clock in the morning on a Friday is not exactly an ideal place to come especially as for the first time in ages my nips begin to get hard.
Cricket is, and will forever be, a retirement arena for those of the rich and wealthy. So the old crooners, who religiously come day in and day out to watch the countries national sport of summer, are barking mad.
That is an actual honour to them and the club. On the day where England are playing their first test against New Zealand, there are still your local fans that support an international missing cricket side.
Unlike football, when internationals are on crickets resumes. What if football actually carries on where Internationals players are missing?
Who would be the best team in the league?
Manchester United will be without particularly there whole squad, would they be able to get a lucky draw against Exeter again.
Arsenal’s foreign contingent would look rather bleak.
Chelsea would buy every other not international player.
I reckon the league may look very interesting; it would lose its appeal.
I wonder how many spectators there would be if Kevin Pieterson turned up. Would that actually make a huge difference?
Rugby Union does the same. Why is football so different? To be honest the premiership may become evenly matched this way. Fans will still be supporting their local clubs this way and we will not be distracted by the pathetic class of international football.
So when Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand ‘bigging’ up England’s chance of an actual win, we can continue watching Premiership football, maybe not at the same level, but it will be exciting for the real fans who follow their team up and down the country.
If this happens, there will not this argument of too many games in the season and it would be class to see where the player’s loyalty lies.
Club or country?
Will the honour of playing for your country mean something then? On the other hand, will money talk, as in most cases, it does.

Thursday 15 May 2008

Not happy atm.... whinging

Where there is happiness, there comes sorrow.
Where there is pride, there comes disgust.
Where there hope, there comes failure.
I feel saddened, to be honest, with life in general. I wanted to see great heights.
It has been five days since Reading were relegated and it has been five days since I remembered England would not be at the European Championships.
I am not sure what to look forward too; another bloody depressing summer with shit loads of rain watching an irrupted Wimbledon and the pollution affected Olympic Games.
I am looking at a Bristol City against Hull play off final to see one of them in the Premiership. The look of disgust I give myself at the thought of that. However, it is not a thought it is actually happening.
It is bad enough Stoke managed to sneak in there; they think it is all over. Nick Hancock will be smug.
Now I have to see Reading play teams no way near their standard and we will probably get dicked.
The standard is no way what it should be, it is such a tightly congested league, no one is better than each other are.
The three went down from the premiership were two which were promoted last season and one from the year before. The gap is getting too big.
It is getting a bad sport, not logical. I currently have a huge headache; perhaps it is telling me that I am just bitter. Truth to be own that is probably true.
Grey skies over Southampton do not help either. I will get in a better mood and give a positive outlook on things but at the moment, it is hard to find a way out.

Monday 12 May 2008

Finest Memory....

A turning feeling in my stomach, mouths gone dry. I don’t know what to expect. Even a single tear strolling down my face like an isolated river.
Is it as good as it looks? Is it as good as everyone says?
Standing proud, banging my hands together like big drums, not singing, I was screaming with every ounce of effort.
Seeing blue and white everyway, it was clear where I was.
This was the Premiership.
We have finally made it. First game at home, Middleborough. A stern test to see where we could come.
Will Reading stay up? How would we fend?
Then a shock. Stuart Downing bang. 1-0, a bullet through the heart. Welcome to the Premiership.
The crowd was still there, cheering, shouting at every opportunity, the fans have been waiting 137 years for this. We were not going to give up without a fight.
It got worst.
A fumble by fans favourite Marcus Hahnenmann, 2-0 Yakubu. We realize how good this league is.
What are we going to do? What will Steve Coppell do? Should we have brought more players in the summer?
Then out of nothing, a lifeline.
Dave Kitson scrambled the ball home from close range. Madejski Stadium lifted. It was floating; we were in a world of our own. First goal ever in the top division.
Chants of ‘David Kitson what a bargain’ ringing around the stadium for the next 2 minutes. We were in this.
Singing, encouraging, cheering, booing, every emotion trembling through my body.
My legs shaking, standing proud, waiting, hoping, dreaming.
A ball came in from the left wing to 14 yards. Steve Sidwell came running in. Everyone holding their breath.
2 – 2, what a came back. Could we handle the Premiership? Of course we f**king can!
I don’t think I will be able to last another 37 and a half games.
This is incredible. What a feeling, nothing that I ever experience again. Reading are in the big time for the ever time, and we are not here to make up numbers.
Half time, I can rest. I stand up looking around the stadium, no one had moved. Everyone was waiting for the second half. We were ready, singing carrying on through the break. The announcer was not even recognized. It was a party atmosphere.
Second half begins; the crowd was still in it. Singing, hoping, dreaming.
Leroy Lita looked it fine form, running the channels. A certain determination on his face. I exchanged glances with as he ran of the pitch trying to save to ball. He wanted to win, he wanted to win.
Then he pops up to seal Reading’s fight back, 3-2. Leroy Lita has blasted a shot high into the net. The Mad Stad went ballistic. Cheering, screaming, that tear had return, a tear of joy, a tear of resentment for not feeling this before. A tear to show how much we appreciated this. This is the Premiership.

Let it be.......

And when the brokenhearted people, living in the world agree.
There will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is, still a chance that they will see.
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
There will be an answer, let it be.
Only 24 hours on, the reality has slowing kicked in. The realisation of not having a trip to Anfield, St James’ Park, or the Emirates is pounding away.
Let it be.
All of these brokenhearted people, crying wanting to know the next stage of Reading football club.
The fear that the team we love will be torn apart. There still might be a chance that we will see all the same faces again next season.
The reality still can be there.
The lap of honour still haunts me but I do feel for the players which got this far. The players, which were with us in the old division two, James Harper, Graeme Murty and Marcus Hahnemann, it is you people that I feel upset and annoyed for.
Let it be.
We will be back; an immediate return may look good. Especially, looking at the poor quality of the championship this season, it has been so close but it just proves all the teams have been averaged. No run away leaders like Reading did when we were promoted.
We need a quick return to make sure we do not dramatically fall like Southampton, Leicester, Leeds, Nottingham Forest, Bradford, Coventry, Sheffield Wednesday, even Swindon.
Will Steve Coppell be there next season?
I honestly do not know, he will not be sacked. I am not sure whether he would want another crack.
If that happens (God I hope not).
Let it be.
Reading thick and thin. Blue and White. Beer and bulbs.
I will be there on the first day of next season, I will be shouting the roof down, and we can get some more real fans back too.
Let it be.

It ends..

So it has happens. Championship football waits.
Reading fought off Derby in an impressive 4-0 win, even our bloody strikers scored. Dave Kitson, Kevin Doyle, and Leroy Lita all getting on the score sheet. It was a matter of too little too late.
The great escape faded as Danny Murphy’s headed clinched the win they needed. We have failed in our quest. It has been good whilst it has lasted.
But it is going back to the old girlfriend now and the normal trips to Wolves, Ipswich, Burnley, etc. The Premiership was just out of our league but we are back in our safety zone.
It is comfortable; we will probably see some more friendly faces back now. What I want to know is how many of these fans will be there next season?
So let us see if we can fill the Madejski next season for every game: it will probably fall to the 16,500 who were there before.
But this season I have learnt a lot of being a spectator. The older fans who have cherished this for so long have got their wishes and I am so pleased for them.
Now they can rest in peace.
They have seen there team through thick and thin and Aldershot but it is time to join together. The younger generation will go back to support Chelsea and Manchester United whilst I will be here getting ticket for Swansea.
I am so excited about the prospect. More sheep abuse.
But for now let us merge together the celebrate two fine years and only a few embarrassing moments.
Reading til I die.

Thursday 8 May 2008

Gingerism Rules........ careful

Red Heads have a tendency be ignored by prejudices. These days it is easy to be a ginger.
I was thinking of the famous sporting red heads, which have inspired our lives. There are even more in general, to make it excited as well as being on knife-edge. Gingers have really come together and left certain traits. Red haired people tend to be bad tempered and moody but there are some which have helped to make the world what it is today.
Much more stressful.
There are some of your classic jokes?
What do redheads and McDonalds have in common? They have never had it so good and so fast.
What is safer: a redhead or a piranha? The piranha. They only attack in schools.
How do you get a redhead’s mood to change? Wait 10 seconds.
Should we know this as Gingerism? Can it actually be bad?
We all know they have fiery tempers, and get in a mood rather quickly.
Paul Scholes, probably the best redheaded footballer of all time, gets stropping from time to time.
Neil Lennon even gets threats from his native Northern Ireland and profound of getting moody and highly controversial.
John Arne Riise is even mad enough to score in his own end. Thanks mate.
Iwan Thomas restricts himself to reality television these days, as well as the major fall out with the selectors in his heyday.
Even Lulu was mad enough to sing with Take That, catching but disgustingly toy boyish.
Nicole Kidman even married the shortest man alive. While she was way over six foot.
Kirsten Dunst was even getting off with a bloody spider.
Charlie Dimmock, what can I say? She is always getting her fingers dirty.
Anne Robinson is the weakest link, but what a leg! Do not mess with her.
There was even the fickle Little Red Riding hood that became so naive the wolf certainly enjoyed that.
Daphne from Scooby Doo was always the one being captured, whilst Shaggy was the idiot.
Even Jessica Rabbit was evil, but she was hot. Well despite half a fish, Ariel was stunning as well.
Isla Fisher must be mad banging Borat and carrying his child. That is definitely an interesting relationship.
The wild royal ‘Fergie’ takes some beating.
Elizabeth I was even the daughter of the barmy Henry VIII.
Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus, was supposedly re-haired. Enough said.
Florence Nightingale was a ginger nut.
It was recorded that Witches needed the fat of a person with red hair when making poisons. They are evil.
I just wanted to let people know gingerism is still out there and still in strong force. They are all people too.
Instead of remembering them as red haired, let us just remember them of being moody bastards. Perhaps then, they may get off our backs.

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Respect Please....

James Harper: I salute you.
Thank you saving the small glimpse of self-respect I have for myself when I was idolising those overly paid and overrated Reading players.
What you did at the last game against Tottenham did more for me than our championship winning match or the parade around the town.
You are a brave gentleman and I would be embarrassed to look you in the eye, coming out to do a lap of honour by yourself left me proud and dedicated that you are Reading’s heartbeat.
Par for you and Marcus Hahnemann, the playing and management staff have lost my gratitude, my passion, my excitement and especially my heart.
Surely, it is a time we should stick together and support each other. We need each other. The pathetic little posh, come to football because it’s Premiership, ‘fans’ should be ignored and you should the actual fans who supported them through thick and thin.
These fans supported these players when time was difficult and when we enjoyed all of our celebration together.
So those players like Graeme Murty, Nicky Shorey, Dave Kitson, Bobby Convey, Gunnarson, Little, Sonko, Fae, Hunt, Kebe, Ingamarsson, Long, etc shame on you.
It was like being told that Santa does not existence. I was really pissed off. Annoyed, in shock. Why do these players think they can do this? I bet they do not give two shits either.
The reality gap in huge, they all need bringing down and slapped on the bottom.
Lita, Rosenoir, Matejovsky, and Duberry made a desperate plea to join the lap of honour and they did go around and applauded the fans that remained.
The result against Tottenham has more or less put us down with our appalling goal difference, but after seeing this I do not think we deserve to stay up.
People might feel I am being fickle but this was a major lack of respect to the fans that supports them. Even those some of those fans have only joined the wagon recently.
Stephen Hunt, the FANS player of the year did not even show his respect, his gratitude. It is pathetic.
What a slap in the face it was?
Therefore, some good luck messages.
Nicky Shorey – Have fun at West Ham, it has been fun.
Stephen Hunt – enjoy the Irish at Sunderland, you have made us laugh.
Dave Kitson – I hope you enjoying being a bit part player and giving two shites about the FA Cup.
Emerse Fae – Well you can just fuck off.
Sonko – What happened son, I really hope you can recapture your form, but you have been disappointing.
Kevin Doyle – An honour, personal issues which affected you but you have run your heart out. Be sad to separate.
Glen Little – ‘Blakey’ if we had you from the start we would not be in the same position.
Leroy Lita – despite the sex scandals would have loved for you to actually score in a match for once.
John Oster – pfft
Matejovsky – Signing of the season, just too late to make a proper impact.
Duberry – Best days are behind you but you tried.
Steve Coppell, our most successful manager of all time, could not order his players back onto that field to show the fans they have the fight. He is losing the fight.
Rob Shepherd, in the News of the World, claimed he should be given a job in the FA as he acts for principle above judgement and I totally agree with him. Not a bad word to say about Coppell.

Friday 2 May 2008

A final to remember..... let's see

So it is supposed to be the game of the season? An epic encounter, two giants of the Premiership fighting it out for the right to be the Champion of Europe. Am I the only one convinced it will be boring?

Chelsea against Manchester United. Wow. Thrilling. Edge of seat tension, I very much doubt it.

I may be tempted to judge a contest of watching two walls of paint drying or listening to my niece trying to play her guitar.

Let’s remember the games this season, Arvram Grant’s first game – a 2-0 lost. Amazing,

The second – a 2-1 win for Chelsea against a weakened United team. I’m about to explode in excitement.

The first game at the new Wembley last season – a thrilling 1-0 blockbuster. Well that’s is what we are going to expect.

Maybe Chelsea do deserve to be there. But imagine Liverpool or Arsenal playing Man U.

Liverpool played out games out 4-2 and 3-2 against Arsenal and Chelsea respectively. They were real games with real action. A fantastic game for everyone to observe.

Arsenal – Man U games are always played with the upmost of passion.

I’m just scared that this seasons final in Moscow will be the equivalent to a dry hump. So much anticipation but with no decent result, you may get flashes of class but there will not be anything worth the effort for.

With so much class on show I can’t believe there won’t be a good show. Six British teams in the semi finals in the pass two years, we should be showing the world what are league are made of. But instead we are going to show them what the rest of Europe already think of our football.

Defend minded and long balls.

I hope I am horribly wrong and I will eat my hat if anything comes of an actual decent game but evitable it will be 1 – 0 to the team who defended the best.

That is our incentive for world domination. This may 3be the game that completely gets shot of Richard Scudamore’s idiotic 39 games idea.

With no England in the European Championships, let’s roll on next season. But first we have to watch the first all foreign FA Cup final with the Sheep-shagging Cardiff playing against ‘the let’s grab anything which swim over the shores’ Portsmouth.

Now that is what all English fans are looking forward too. Yeah I suppose.