Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Saints Takeover Complete

Alas, Southampton Football has been taken over and just in time too.

It’s been somewhat of a few difficult months for the South Coast side and only last week they had to sell two gems in Andres Surman and David McGoldrick on the cheap just to be able to pay the staffs wages.

Surman was sold to Wolves for a mere £1.4 million and McGoldrick moved for a seven figure sum to Nottingham Forest as the club tried hard to balance books.

Now the saviour is not in the form of fans idol Matt le Tissier but in the form of a 61 year old German.

But no doubt the fans and everyone to do with Southampton doesn’t care who takes over as long as they have the clubs good intentions at heart.

Markus Liebherr is the man that now has taken control of Southampton Leisure Holdings Plc and all the company’s assets and now will embark on rebuilding the club that starts in League One on minus 10.

Joint Administrator Mark Fry insists: “The sale of the Saints to Markus Liebherr is a fantastic opportunity to rebuild the club.”

And too right.

With the money that will now be invested into the club it will be back in the Championship in no time.

It was believed that Markus Liebherr was attracted by many great qualities Southampton could offer such as a solid fan base, a first class stadium and training facilities and the potential to regain a future Premier League place.

For the first time in months Southampton are on a high after they’ve been tumbling down hill for months. Although they start on minus ten don’t bet against an immediate return to the Championship.

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