Sunday, 17 May 2009

Gunn Bangs any Norwich Hopes

Norwich’s fall from grace maybe unpleasant for fans but I believe that the Canneries won’t be flying high in League One either with the permanent appointment of Bryan Gunn as manager.

Ian Butterworth and Ian Crook will try to help Gunn to master their return to the Championship but for a club of the stature of Norwich I feel this appointment is rather weak. They took over from Glenn Roeder in January 2009 and failed to save the club even though being in a fairly good position to do so.

And losing 4-2 to bottom of the table Charlton on the last day of the season gives no indication that this squad is even good enough for League One. This was a game they desperately had to win and they ultimately failed. It showed no heart or desire.

Now he has spoken of his intentions of using younger players and not relying on the loan system. It is clever thinking but those young players weren’t there last term, he must have some gems that he is going to introduce. But if he manages to pull it off he will be doing very well, he knows there is no a great deal of money to use, if any, so he will have all his hopes on these youngsters. He will need to demand full authority in that dressing room, which I don’t think he will have. A new man would demand instant respect, and the players that are left would need to prove something.

Many influential players are out of contract and will move on to pastures new; goalkeeper David Marshall and Lee Croft will be leaving so they will be difficult to replace. Youngsters will not be able to step into these huge shoes.

On Gunn’s side, he will know all about how Norwich operates; he was at Norwich when they ventured into Europe in the early 1990s and he remembers the good time but I think the board just decided to cut costs and make the cheap appointment instead of gambling on an experienced manager, one more equipped for the role.

(Champ Corner, Football FanCast, 2009)

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